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OMT351 Special Assignment (13 September 2015)
Written by Ismail Hassan   


Special Assignment 13th September 2015

This is not a compulsory assignment but anyone interested to complete it may do so for additional credit.  Please follow these instructions.


1. Answer immediately after each question. ALL questions must be answered. Use the marks indicated at the end of each question to estimate the length and depth of your answers.  As a rough guide, 10 marks would require you to write about 150 words. Write complete sentences. Check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Use paragraphs when organizing and expressing your ideas.

2. All answers must be handwritten. Please write legibly and neatly. On the cover page, write your name, student number, phone number, and date of submission. Paste your most recent passport-size photograph on the top right corner of the cover page. Number your pages.  It is sufficient to just staple the pages together on the top left corner.

3. This assignment is due on Wednesday, 30th September 2015 at 12:00 noon. Put your assignment in an envelope (that fits A-4 size paper without folding), seal the envelope, and submit.  Write your name on the envelope. Assignment submitted later than the deadline will not be graded.


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  • Definition of administrative office Management

  • Role of the office

  • Administrative Office Management functions and objectives

  • The Administrative Office Manager

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