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Market and Emotional Price
Written by Ismail Hassan   

We probably can put a market price on almost anything but it is difficult to put a price when those things are tied to our emotions. The things that we own are always associated to some special moments and because of this association we perceive them as having more worth than their face value. These emotion-tied items are only precious to us while to others they are nothing more than useless junk. So no matter how much we prize and no matter how high we put a price on our possessions, they are usually never as worthy to others as they are to us.

I have many such “priceless” items that are worth naught to others. Among them is a broken Citizen watch (RM700K), a 1980ish Casio calculator (RM545k), a Celcom RM10 top-up card that expired on 14 January 2011 (RM120K), and an ageing leather belt (RM100K).  An expired Celcom top-up card card? Actually I bought it for my second son early 2010 and in October the same year, he gave it back to me as a birthday present. He had nothing else to give for my birthday and true to the maxim it is the thought that counts, I keep it safe in my wallet since then.

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